Natural Frequency of Human Body

Natural Frequency of Human Body

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Literature Review - Natural Frequencies of Human Body Parts

Literature Review

Symptoms Due to Whole-Body Vibration and the Frequency Range at which They Usually Occur (Adapted from Rasmussen, 1982). Symptoms Frequency (Hz)
General feeling of discomfort                4-9
Head symptoms                                13-20
Lower Jaw symptoms                          6-8
Influence on speech                           13-20
“Lump in throat”                                 12-16
Chest Pains                                        5-7
Abdominal pains                                  4-10
Urge to urinate                                   10-18
Increased muscle tone                       13-20
Influence on breathing movements         4-8
Muscle contractions                             4-9

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